I scratched them down on a slip of paper.
Little bits.

The paper lost. Then found again.

The eyes- been dim, the heart, closed tight.

Just a few
Endless Gifts this week… that I have managed to quiet my heart and SEE.

Little One and I… out for our flower walk. And I spy a teeny, tiny baby snail. Just laying on our property. I show the Little One the baby snail. He is entranced. We hold it in our palms. We watch a streak of shiny snail slime appear. Careful, we set it in a thatch of grass to munch and grow. We walk away- but must come back to hold the baby snail again. I try to show the bitty feelers, caution toddler hands… we walk away and Little One waves and waves again…”Bye, Baby Snail!” he says.

The sound of wind on, and in, and through the mountains. The way we hear it before we feel it. The way we see it before we feel it. It rushes through hundreds- probably millions of trees- moving over the mountain- and then, we are caught in it. It is an amazing sound. I stand tall and watch and breathe deep. The spring crispness- it cleanses.

Sweet friend- who came to me and prayed for me- and brought me hot chocolate! Thank you!

First tulip pink on our table- and now a row of them all pink. Pulled tight in rain and grey, opened wide to catch all sunlight. My favorite when tight and pulled, pink and silk. Glad remembrances of an April more than a decade ago (how can that be…. how CAN that be. already.) And I wait- eager, impatient- for all the blooms to burst. And I am dissatisfied with some of it… and I think of how to make it better and what I like and don’t. We plant and learn- that is for sure.
First Tulip Pink.

Little One discovers a patch of ants and he comes running with a shovel- and Tenderheart- he takes him under his wing. 9 year old hand, gentle rests, on 2 year old back. He leads the way and he,big brother, helps him eradicate some ants. Big brothers are the best.

And how, I just can’t help but think that every family should have a two year old… just when they can enjoy it most. The funny things this bright one says… The joy his smallness brings. My mind cannot catch- and I did not write down all that he has said lately-but I am always all astonishment. We have never had one talk like him before… and how I hide the grin at times. The way he plays- all loud and boy… with little foam of boy cresting at his mouth and cars crashing and banging and stories flowing…it makes me laugh. He is loud and I laugh.

How I love all their bright, shining faces, blue eyes and brown- and one grey-green eyed girlie, too…

Endless Gifts.

holy experience