Endless Gifts

First Bouquet of very own daffodils on table
Special breakfast to gladden hearts and set an atmosphere of love and grace
A message from a long-ago friend with sweet Scriptures and prayers
A reminder to set the tone and healing atmosphere with praise and worship. This is your grace. How I need it…
Chocolate chip pancakes with real maple syrup and red ripe strawberries… a rare treat for me.
Little baby girl twins who are a good size for 24 week singletons- let alone multiples. All pleased.
Shining faces of happy children hiking down our road with their Daddy. How fresh and eager they are… how I love.

A tribute to Todd who- seven times now- has gone the extra, extra mile and carried burdens as we carry together the holy privilege of life-gifts in the womb.
I get weaker. He gets stronger. Every time. It never fails. And I am always loved and cherished, praised and enjoyed. I swell with life and he gets a burst of strength- from somewhere down deep, down deep inside.
For all the breakfast feasts he makes. For the delicious Sunday dinners he turns out… for the clean kitchen he left me this morning, cleaned last evening while I slept on the bed after being up hours Saturday night with our two year old… who is ill and didn’t really even take his Sunday nap.
For without attitude and without complaint and with never a word of criticism to me- was the sole energizer in getting us to church- after said night with the two year old.
For washing sheets and changing bedding in the middle of the night and helping me in the midst of my throwing up phobia- which is severe- especially when I am stressed.
For rising in the morning and finding joy in his God, in the Word, in study…
For being the active agent in my nesting needs. I tell. He does. (Thank you love. Thank you…)
For discussing sermons with me and leading us in a beautiful Lenten series on Sunday evenings…

just some Endless Gifts from 3/14-3/21.