I am amazed when I look back and see it has been a month since I have written here!
How did that happen? It feels like mere days not weeks.
It is a reminder for me to slow down.
The days spin too fast. I am missing much. Missing sweet moments and funny comments, missing the amazing in tune rhythm that comes when I am walking with inner heart eyes OPEN with my family and not just with my “to-do” list or fatigue in front of my face.

A new season is upon us and I greet it with short morning walks with my Little One. We take a small circle tour of our house and up the hill to our “waterfall” and I call it a Flower Walk. I look each morning to see the new growth and blooms that are springing up daily. I dream and plan for future plantings.

It is now two seasons since my first fall planting in Expectation of Spring Hope. And I have learned some things. I have learned that it is good, very good to prune roses down, down, down. We are rewarded with marvelous, healthy new growth. I have learned that I much prefer a more orderly row of daffodils and tulips bowing in the sun- to my more scattered attempts to “naturalize.”
I have learned that working with Todd produces a far better reward- than my small attempts on my own. He digs deep a long trench. We lay bulbs down deep and cover.
I have learned that the effort of pansy planting is very well rewarded, very well rewarded indeed- as their sweet faces cheered us all winter- and now- their blooms thicken and their velvet faces multiply in golden springtime sun- and I can’t imagine anything else in that sweet little patch- but jewel-toned pansies- with some white and blue faces, too. I thought the columbine didn’t make it through the Long Hard Winter– but Lo- healthy new growth has sprung up from each of the six plants as well.

I have a little butterfly bush thriving and I think my big one survived the pruning I gave it in protection of the roses last fall.

Future thoughts dwell happily : daffodils, forsythia- a nice bright yellow one that says “Welcome” in golden boughs, crocus, and maybe more tulips- if mine do well this year…

My little girl, she wants to take a basket, and pick flowers, fill it with sweet blooms. Not yet, I say- not enough are ready. But soon. Soon. She grins happy. I grin too. I remember that sweet girlish longing to fill a basket with blooms. And she shall do it- and I will help her- and help her learn to cultivate beauty in her heart and home and therefore be a blessing. And that is one of my hopes- to have enough blooms planted round our home- so that we can fill our rooms.

I am happy basking in the springtime sun, warm(ish) weather. We stretch out arms and grin.