Tenderheart proves his name. I start to feel twin pregnancy more. I strive around the house. He notices. He sees. He always notices. He rises to the occasion of his own accord. He starts taking initiative around the house in ways he has never done before. Suddenly, he manfully hauls a large bag of trash out all by himself. He carefully sweeps under the kitchen cabinets after being asked the night before by me at dinner. No reminders needed. I forget. He remembers. He does it. He does it well. We all work on laundry together. He helps the little ones with their towels. He puts away all the socks even though I asked Micah to do it. Suddenly- they are gone and he is the one who scooped them up and put them away. Then- he hauls the big sock bucket back for me. All by himself with no fussing. He sits down next to me companionably on the couch. He is careful of me. Sweet boy. Tenderheart.

For posterity- I still have the precious bunny picture he drew for me all on his own when I was so very, very sick with Joshua’s pregancy (first trimester). He comforted me.

Precious boy,
I love you.