Before the first fresh month of 2011 ends…

Our New Year’s Eve Celebration 2010

This year is the first year we have really “celebrated” New Year’s as a family. With years of many small children who awaken early no matter what- it was just easier to stay on schedule. Also-we were just… tired. Todd and I used to have a tradition of hosting New Year’s Eve for dear friends years ago. The tradition fell away as we moved here and into serious tax season at this time. Our last three years here- I really was tired and couldn’t even think about New Year’s. It is so busy during November and December for Todd.

However, some children are getting bigger and really, really wanted to stay up. They also wanted a “party.” So- we began a new Borger tradition. I began getting food ready as I was able and started to laden the table. Todd did not get home from work until 7 p.m. New Year’s Eve. More food was made. And so began a night of relaxed feasting, movies, and games. It was much fun to have party food together as a family. Lots of dip. We (Todd and I) love dip! Bean Dip(didn’t have that New Year’s Eve though), spinach dip, veggie dip, chip dip, you name it- I think we love it. We have even created a mustard dip for meats. YUM-MY!

I was tanking- but four children were sleepy, hopeful, and waiting. Todd crashed on the couch- so it was up to me to fulfill New Year’s dreams for the kids. We gathered round the table, talked of the ball dropping (we can’t see it), and waited as the minutes ticked by. We hailed the New Year with happy shouts. I don’t think we prayed. Hmmm. I think I should remember that for next year. The four wake-eyed wonders were- Micah, Asher, Abi, and Jonah. Joshua was asleep- he did go down later which was a grace for the next morning! I did take their pictures and try to make it special. I get grumpy when I am tired!!! Poor Nate was the last one to get sick with the virus that was going through our house- and so all he wanted was his bed. He was still awake, in the dark, in the comfort of us bed- so we wished him Happy New Year when we tucked in goodnight.

It was so fun to “hang out” together and be off our usual “sit-down” dinner routine. Everyone enjoyed it.
Looking forward to next year,