What is On My Mind.

I have been “away” from writing. I miss it.
I am so inspired by one of my friends and the wonderful job she does journaling memories.
I am motivated to journal our holidays.


Homeschool Curriculum.

Support Season. We just started and are almost completing the first new week. Adjusting to the schedule- in some ways it is better than development. In other ways, harder. Although- the breeze of grace is that God provided THREE 8-6 shifts this year. Grateful.

I am missing my mom. I need to call her.

Realizing that this is really intense snow for North Carolina and is rare. I am looking forward to it MELTING.

Something I am pondering…
“When I told her that a habit is something that you wear, I felt it, how I caught on something, snagged. For days, I unravel. Forget figuring out how to form a habit. I’m not there yet. First, what are the few habits worth wearing? You can only layer so much.” -Ann Voskamp