The Long Winter

I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder in

    The Long Winter

Granted- that is an overdramatic comparison… BUT
In this modern age and time…

It began with the infestation of ladybugs. We always have sweet ladybugs cluster in our home
During the fall/winter. But this year…!
It has moved from sweet to almost gross- as they have been everywhere-
Especially finding their way into our food. A sign of a hard winter-
The abundant ladybugs.
When in our food- I consider it almost an infestation. Blek.

We haven’t had drinking water from our faucet since Tuesday a week ago.
We have no indication when it will be safe to drink again.
(I am calling today…???)
This is the fourth or fifth time we have been completely snowed into our house
With only Todd venturing forth- often half a mile down a mountain to make it to our car.
Only part of our heat pump is working at this time. Of course- the man to fix it was to come
today. He will probably come next week.
Due to the weather- Wal-Mart delayed getting our Christmas pictures and then part of them never came.
I have had to reschedule over four doctor appts. for various members of our family due to bad weather.
On Saturday- Todd came home from work with a car full of groceries and could only make it (with the car)
to the second switchback on our mountain road. Thus- he and three boys had to haul groceries with a rope
and bin up the mountain in three trips and then head back again for the last items Sunday morning.

Then- this has been one of the busiest tax season Todd has ever had with one of his coworkers being very sick almost
all season and during two of the busiest weeks and with all the late tax law changes.

It is a Long Winter.

Endless Gifts:
Being able to eat mayonnaise and eggs
My new favorite: fried eggs. Yum!
A beautiful, white Christmas- and we all together snug inside. And white it was- with almost twelve inches of snow by the end of Christmas weekend.
Heat, heat, heat and power through all this cold and snow and ice
A New Year’s Eve party and four Borger children make it red-eyed awake to greet 2011. We spread the table with party food. We hang out. Fun times.
The warmest fleece from Lands End.
Amazing, mind wondering news to be shared…very, very soon.