The Long Winter Part 2

Carolina Sun has hid her face behind the gray cloud veil.
Shy bright this winter- she has smiled… briefly and then retreated once again.
The grey days remind me of Pennsylvania winters.

The storm, then brief sunshine, then storm again reminds me of
The Long Winter– when the storms raged for months with small reprieve
And then another wave would hit.

And that has been for us…
Storm (of some sort), reprieve, then storm again…

I miss that Carolina Sun.

The creatures do too. During one brief sunlit respite-
Birds sang, squirrels scampered, the woodpecker pecked.
The landscape came to life.

That landscape and that sun are hidden now again. Under a blanket of white.
White wonder beckoned by wind chimes singing
Strong, heralding a new wave of winter white.
And white- it does

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reminders of the beauty resting deep within the earth, waiting to rise in Spring. Anticipation.
damp pink cheeks and curling snow wet hair
naval oranges, bright orange and juicy
Tall Son fixing pretzles and juice for a Little One- his own initiative.
Children singing Ephesians 6:10-13 for Daddy- and even Little One- he sings at the top of his lungs “that you may be able”… he caught something. 🙂
Chocolate Cake with White Icing and Let It Snow in bold colors.