Christmas cookie making!
And I visited my recipes and food finds links to print the recipes of some of our very favorites!

We will be making:
Christmas Sugar Cookies with decorative Icing
Cut-Outs (the kids favorite cookie tradition)
Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter

We have already made and consumed! some chocolate chip and oatmeal. 🙂

I am not sure what else… I might attempt a chocolate chocolate chip that is actually a mint chocolate cookie. I love mint at Christmas time! Crisp fresh deliciousness. And paired with chocolate. Yum.

I like to keep us supplied with cookies for our Sunday evening Advent time. We also set out a decorative tray on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day that adds to the festiveness.

Everyone loves making cut-outs. ( I will confess- I do NOT love making cut-outs. They are our once or twice (Easter tide too) a year special activity. And it is a floury, messy, doughy memory, always. But they love. And we make memories. And we shake hard those red and green sprinkles… cookies, tray, table, floor. 😉 You can imagine.)

The little boys love all baking of all kinds. I am looking forward to small hands patting and shaping dough, rolling it in sugar/cinnamon and plopping dough balls down in haphazard boy fashion on our baking trays. 😉

What will you be making?