It was fun to go back and see what we did last year… I realized we had quite a few more dishes requested for this year.
Some family members had some definite requests… and then I think Asher has come so far with his food allergies- we have so many more options and are just more comfortable making special foods!

We had a delicious holiday. This morning, very early, while still dark, before Little One stirred… I rolled over and a delicious wave washed over me… Todd was home today and off! Toe curling, stretching delight…. the next minute Little One was up… and it was off to the kitchen to cook, cook, cook. Fortunately, I find cooking very relaxing- so I enjoyed myself.

The kids enjoyed an adventurous mountain traispe mid morning- while I kept plowing through recipe requests. One came back wounded, but with soap, flushing water, and a band-aid, all was made well.

We showered and dressed “up” for our meal. Enjoyed a relaxed time around the table. Very nice.

We miss our family- and we drink deep the minutes of Todd’s day off…

It was so warm and the wind chime has sung all day and now in the darkness of this night. And I am looking forward- and have been all day- to this time with Todd- vacation time together… me and him.

The kids and I are on a “mini” school break until Monday- so tomorrow- we’ll do some more crafts and maybe reenact a Thanksgiving drama…
(We’ll see…)

Now onto the menu for 2010!!!

Thanksgiving 2010
23 pound olive oil rubbed Turkey
Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Bake
Fresh Green Leaf Salad
Steamed Yellow Corn
Cranberry Relish
Winter Fruit Salad
Deviled Eggs
Mashed Potatoes (made by Todd- using the Kitchen-Aid no less!)

Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin “Pie” Cake
Apple Crisp