Blogging late at night- when the house is quiet.
The moments are rare.

I want to pay tribute to my parents.
I appreciate their love for us and
They commit
To visit us. And they come. They come fall
And they come Spring.
And We Love.
Child voices ring loud announcing their arrival and
Happy feet pound through house down steps
Down road
Tears mist.
Tears mist
At the welcome sign of car inching down
Steep mountain drive
And those joyful, joyful voices
Shouting love.

They set an example for me.
They come.
They come even though
It is not their first choice
We are hours and hours away.
They come
Even though they don’t agree
With everything.
They come and they love
And they care
And I drink up the days
With them.

And even though it hurts to leave
And she doesn’t like that-
Not at all. Not one bit.
She still comes. (Thank you)

I am thankful that they do not
Leave it just to us
To keep that relationship
And I am thankful that we (Todd and I)
Are still part of “all the kids” just part
Of all of us even though we are the most
Removed of all.

And we, kids and I, we love Ama
And we love Grandad, and we soak in their stay.

They leave their indelible mark.
And I am glad, glad

It means so much that they come.