Memories spin round.
She brings her tea
And he brings the “Erg.”
Three boys time the minutes
With watches.
Little Girl snuggles cozy in delicious robe
And is tucked sweetly
Under a new bedspread.
Kids walk around
With “Trios” in hand
And take pictures and movies,
Play golf and play chess.
And they laugh and they laugh.
One son- he sings Greensleaves
at the top of
his voice.
Unaware. The ear phones block
his sound from him.
Little Girl- she sits down
With Little Two and somehow-
She alone
Manages to play Mancala for Kids-
Not just once
But twice with him.
Ficus gets a bath- and indeed it is a renewed Ficus.
The laundry gets “de-fire-hazarded” too.
I make lots of food that only upholds my reputation
For making it tasty- but maybe not so visually appealing.
Little Boys play Moon Sand again and again
(you should see how they love that cement truck!)
And Playdough and cars, trucks as well.
Ama and kids visit the Bamboo forest
And Grandad and the kids and Daddy
Hike the mountain in the dark.
And we feast
And we talk
And we make some good memories.
And it is so warm- we open the door to the deck. Screen only.
And Todd and get time out together- which is a much cherished
They help and they bless
And the kids love all their minutes
As do I.