Little Girl melts down over phonics. Tears and frustration from every pore.
She is told to go take some time to calm down and come back.

We were working in The Reading Lesson.
Her choice, by the way.

Strong Seven (soon to be Eight) hears the ruckus. He appears from where he was assigned to be working…

“And remember,” he says, in a strong, confident, manly voice, “I didn’t learn to read because of the Book (The Reading Lesson- it was what he learned with). I learned to read out of jealousy.” He contributes this- feeling that somehow her angst is related to the Lesson book and he must add his disclaimer. And the memories spring up round the room- that the first book this child read on his own was a Sugar Creek Gang novel (an advanced reading level) because he was just so tired of being the only boy in his room who couldn’t read…

He stalks off dramatically, having giving me this sage reading advice. The memories.

“I learned to read out of jealousy.” Competition, sometimes it does a boy some good.

The things they say.