First Snow

This morning greeted us with the first snowfall of the season.
It was crisp and chill-
And a light white layer of sparkle covered
The pansy faces
And the
Remaining leaves
And edged each blade of grass.

In a little while- we will “celebrate” with
Snowballs (popcorn balls)
And four favorite stories.

Snow (Cynthia Rylant)
First Snow in the Woods (photographic fantasy)
Stopping by Woods on A Snowy Evening (Jeffers/Frost)
And per my daughter’s request:
Snowmen at Night (Buehner)

This is the earliest snow I have ever experienced in North Carolina
And I think my blood is thinning-
Because I am cold, cold, cold.
It is taking layers, and coffee and even kicking up the heat for a little
While to warm me through.

We are so unprepared for NC cold. So used to mild weather…
The winter supplies are packed away-
And I can’t find them.
Help! (Todd).
The ladybugs have clustered in large masses in our house and several woolly bear caterpillars
Have crawled on small hands and fingers.

Is this going to be a harsh winter?

It is fitting that the first weekend of snow, and daylight savings time,
Is also the first weekend of six day weeks for us.
The long, cold days and nights are here again.

Trying to find joy,