Singing Scripture

Psalm 119:130

Romans 10:8

Colossians 3:16

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed attending the Smoky Mountain Crisis Pregnancy Banquet. While there, I was privileged to hear Pam Tebow. What an amazing woman of encouraging faith! There were so many gems from that night- but one that I took away and immediately began to apply was what I term: “Singing Scripture.” Throughout her talk, Mrs. Tebow would break into songs of Scripture verses- obviously so well known- they were on the tip of her tongue: “”in her mind, on her heart.”

She specifically mentioned how she used this to instill Scripture in her children- intentionally, over their years in her home. Mrs. Tebow really spoke of the power and importance of building this Scriptural inheritance into our children.

So- I began picking a verse and setting it to my own tune, and singing it with my children. We are enjoying this so much and my two year old frequently “breaks into song” with the Scripture verse and my oldest son confessed how the songs play through his mind throughout the day.

We are “singing” Psalm 46:10 and Ephesians 6:10-13 right now. We love it.