We haven’t had a “Sweet Sunday” in what feels like forever… today was a rush of church and pictures and planting and dinner and grocery shopping and a mad swipe at some chores. We had roast, and mashed potatoes, and salad and everyone loved it… but it was late and far from relaxed.

And yesterday was a famous Todd breakfast, and some deep talks, and Pumpkinfest, piano make-up, and hair cuts. Crowned with family fun night, pizza and popcorn. And crash. I am in bed.

Deep breath.

So many thoughts swirl round my head for our house. They swirl with no resting. It is patience and the slow crawl forward for us… but I keep a little log of my thoughts and hopes.

The week ahead is chock full busy and I hope I can be tuned in to Grace and His Endless Gifts. I seem to find this in those quiet, still moments when I pause to listen inwardly and really see outwardly.