She stands next to me. Talking.
Small form straight, tight bundle of energy.
I hear her- not. Intent on other things.
I am sitting- watching a video with other children- waiting for it to end.

Suddenly- her voice breaks in, arrests me,
electrifies me.

What did she just say?

“What do they do when the T.V. is turned off, Mommy. What do they do? I have wondered this for YEARS.”
She is all of six years high and the powerful inflection just puts ages into her wonderment.

I think, how can this girl have wondered something like this for years and I am so clueles.
She is like a deep still lake. Much goes on deep inside deep down in the stillness- but the surface barely ripples
and I can often “read it not.”

“What?” I ask. The chuckle is rising…

“What do they do… like what does Clifford do when you turn the T.V. off, what do the walking ladies do? (who are walking on the exercise movie.)”

I throw back my head and laugh. My laugh fills the room. My girl grins. She wonders. But she really wants to know.

My girl… she thinks it is “real time” and when the movie is “turned off” life is still going on for the people on the screen. And what ARE they doing?

I pull her into my lap and kiss her sweet head. She knows she said something funny. She knows my laugh is good. But she is still pondering with all childhood bewilderment.

I botch it hopelessly as I try to answer her question.
How would you?

The Things They Say.