Linking to three blog entries with glorious Autumn beauty…
One- Autumn in New England,

One Autumn in Canada

One – Autumn right here in the Smokies.

I can’t say that we have the “corner” on this beauty- although I admit- I sometimes think we do!
The other posts prove me wrong.
The display of color is a feast for all eyes- whether weary, grave, joy-lit, fearful, hopeful…
there is solace and comfort and glory in the flaming tree-life.
We step outside and drink deep the crisp, cooling air. Come in wind-kissed and ruffled.
There is a brisk freshness in the air, wind shaking, blowing everything bare.
Can it shake the
rumpled thoughts too?
And clear fog from my mind?
That everything might come
into stark perspective
like the darkened trees stretching naked arms to sky-
once all
has fallen.

Still now
hidden in the colored glory, clinging.
Carolina Autumn stretches out
beauty in long sunlit days- touched with chill,
bathed in showers,
shaken in the winds.
Rosebuds form tight in crisp landscape.
The colored season lingers long-
and for this I am grateful.

Dormant winter