From 9.29

Because I wrote my “real life” less than ideal Christmas In the Smokies post below- I felt led to focus my gratitude journal ON our Christmases in the Smokies. Christmas in one of my most favorite times of the year. These are from Christmases past. I look forward to this December’s Endless Gifts…

Chill and Snow and a crackling fire warming the hearth.
Shining eyes
Cinnamon Rolls
Baskets of beatiful books
Red cardinals against white snow
Handel’s Messiah
George Winston’s December
Chill grey mountains white capped with snow
Naked trees black against a crisp blue/grey sky
Christmas Carols sung daily
Small town festivities that include our annual horse and carriage ride with hot cocoa afterwards
Candlelight Christmas Eve service
Matching pajamas
George Bailey
Ebenezeer Scrooge
Tiny Tim
Christmas Boz
Special Chocolate Candies
red and white candles gleaming against a silver mirrored plate
Home-made Scavenger Hunts through the house
Annual decorating of Christmas cookies
much, much baking
Cranberry relish
A horse and a carriage and a chill night where your breath puffs out white. And a ride singing Jingle Bells round our little town square
A Huge Nativity right on the courthouse property.
Specially wrapped Treats from Drake