It is late.
The computer screen glimmers and
only the light over the sink shines bright gold in dusky
I am wide awake.
The product of coffee late
at night.
or not because
it was
sweet coffee
and conversation
with my love
but now I am here.
Wide awake.
With thoughts of pending trip
upon me
and thoughts of life
in WNC
within me.
I do not regret
the coffee- though
sleep is elusive.
I ponder
the Irish Blessing
carefully chosen
to be wrapped in special
Mr and Mrs Paper and delivered
on celebration day.
I ponder carefully crafted words
hope they bless.
I ponder packing and lists
and piles
and dust.
There are some
that need
some serious attending.
I need to clean and pack and prepare food.
I ponder sickie children-
coughing in the night
with hoarse little voices.
I ponder the beautiful home
we visited today, sweet with Christ’s love
and healthy family relationships.
The banquet I attended and how nice
it was to sit with women at a grown-up
table and enjoy a meal together and be
utterly inspired and exhorted
by an amazing, godly woman.
I ponder leaving and the uncertain feeling
of how I need to get back
to our strong school rhythm-
but the free-spirit part
flies to experience a new trip of memories…
I hear a baby crying in the darkness-
with a hoarse cough in his voice
and I fly.