The Things They Say

Some short vignettes:

Little One comes walking out into the Great Room.
Tall Son follows, holding his nose.
“Whew!” He exclaims, “He turned skunk!” I look.
I laugh. He is in need of a diaper change.

Strong Seven rushes into the house- all excitement.
He proclaims, “I caught a big bully croaker!!” A huge toad is hopping around our porch.

Little Boy wakes up from Campout 2010.
“Mommy, I slept out all night and I didn’t wake ANYONE up. I’m a big boy now!”

Tenderheart holds a little skink in his hands,
“Look Mom, it is a little dirty face!” Fiesty Little Dirty face tries to nip.
A few minutes later, Tenderheart appears with Little Dirty Face cradled carefully in the fold of a leaf.
He can’t nip this way.
Named Dirty Face because this type loves to burrow and when found- their little faces- especially their mouths,
are covered in a mud “mask.”

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