The Triple Layer Extra Large Chocolate Cake

Part of this deserves to be noted under Endless Gifts, and part of this deserves to be noted under The Things They Say: so I will note it here. 🙂

Long ago, way back in June, when Daddy turned 35, we celebrated with a double layered banana cake. This got my Little Boy thinking. He really liked that layer cake. Later (but not too much later) I made a 9 X 13 cake (single layer) and it was delicious. Little Boy walks by it and points and he says: “I want a DOUBLE LAYER cake like THAT one for my birthday Mommy. A big one- a big rectangle one.” I grin. This is a boy after my own heart. I can just imagine my own childish delight at a cake of that size, layered too. I ponder it a bit- say- we can see. We move on.

Present time. Wednesday nights are my time with my two little boys. We spend time together, doing little boy things, and baking. Baking is high on the list of priorities for Wednesday night. Our first endeavor was delicious cookies. For the second- my boy- he wanted to make the big layer cake. A big one, a chocolate one, with white icing. My other boys, they wanted a triple layer chocolate fudge cake like we read about in Gone Away Lake. My mouth waters. Just thinking about it… what could be better than triple layers of chocolate fudge… Mmm- mmm. So we combined the two mouth-watering dreams into one endeavor and I doubled the cake recipe. We made a triple layer chocolate cake with white icing. I used three 9 X 13 cake pans. I used a double recipe of batter. We mixed the icing. I had to make extra- and in the end we had just enough. Little Boy requested a strawberry on top (to satisfy Little Girl- who originally wanted a red cherry on top.)

The dream cake is completed. I ice it while they are sleeping. I forgot the strawberry. I am boldly reminded the next day. I somehow pick the sliced frozen strawberry that is perfectly shaped like a heart and it graces the middle of our cake. Little Boy says, “I want the heart piece.”

The cake, while pushing the limit of chocolate deliciousness extravagance and raising the eyebrows of the man of the house was AMAZING. I froze half of it to remove temptation.

Little Boy, Little One, and I- we are making the cake, all together in the kitchen. Spoons in hand, I am in the pantry moving things, putting away, getting out and I say, “Thanks for helping me make this cake. This was great.” Little Boy, spoon in hand, chocolate on face, he says, “No, Mommy- you were helping ME make the cake.” I ponder this a minute and say, “Well- I’m the one who has the recipe and knows what to do- so I think you are helping me…” Little Boy is NOT persuaded. He reiterates, “You were helping ME make the cake.”

The next day, he even repeats it for his dad- while we are discussing the magnificent cake. It truly was and it made my Little Boy’s day and it fulfilled a dream too. What’s not to love about a gigantic TRIPLE LAYER chocolate cake with white icing??? Well, maybe it would have been better with chocolate. As some would say here, ZUM-MY!! 🙂

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