The Things They Say: Little Boy

The Things They Say: Little Boy

Little Boy (now big) carefully chooses his cup for lunch.
It is a “Wednesday Night” cup. Plastic. Green. With crosses ringing round, each middle adorned with a red heart.
Sister wails. The green cup is hers. They fuss. I try to mediate.Little Boy shares that the yellow “Wednesday Night” cup is his- but he can never find it and so on and so on… I try to exhort sister to follow the 24 Family Ways… We are generous with what we have… sharing freely with others… However, I solve the problem by washing the green cup (to remove the germs, you know) and a found yellow cup (what was in that thing?) and placing them at the proper lunch spots.

Then- I am arrested by this:

“Mommy, I like “Wednesday Night” cups the best cause they have crosses and that means Jesus.. cause Jesus died on the cross.”

My thoughtful boy- choosing the special “crosses” cup for “Wednesday Night” and Jesus.

I take it further and say, “Why do crosses mean Jesus?”

He says, “Cause Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins. It’s true Mommy.” He states seriously.

I am amazed at his answer. He knew.

I catch the moment and point out that gaudy red heart right in the middle of those ringed round crosses and say “and Jesus Loves. It’s Love and the Cross” It is Love on the Cross… and I hug him close cheek to cheek and whisper in his ear. I try to catch that moment. How do you catch these moments- they are like our butterflies- floating beauty, elusive and free. I cannot hold them tight enough, I cannot even catch them.

I like “Wednesday night” cups the best cause they have crosses and that means Jesus…

The Things They Say.

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