The Things They Say

The Things They SayStrong 7 is in need of a book. He has finished number 14 of the Boxcar Series. Number 15 is at the library. He is at loose ends. I say, “ Go down to the boys’ bookshelf. There have got to be Boxcars you haven’t read on there.” Of course there are… and even though it is “out of order” in the series- down he goes… only to reappear later with a brother at his heels- a brother who shall remain unnamed at this time…

There is no book in his hand. The book he went to seek did belong to the un-named brother. The un-named brother declared a “borrowing fee.” Strong 7 refused to pay.
I gaze at these boys questioningly.
Said Brother declares in defense: “I reduced the damage wage!”

Brother was quickly informed that not even the library charges “borrowing fees” and we share our books around here- of course noting- if it is damaged, the sibling must replace it.

It seems I have a little mercenary on my hands… 😉

A borrowing fee and a damage wage…

The Things They Say

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