It is Multitude Monday…
and my cup is running over.


Without further ado, I am finding evidences of grace in:

61.)- Lemon Lift Tea when I really, really needed a lift
62.)-Aroma of Baked Chicken filling the house… such a comforting smell and I am glad to bake joy with no fear
63.)-This book: For the Family’s Sake; amazing, comforting, like the Titus 2 mentor I long for…
64.)- The Gospel
65.)-Clean shower curtains; really clean and sweet smelling, too.
66.)-Light falling grace on a well-tended home; glancing on surfaces well-ordered
67.)-ringed round the table- me and the kids and we sing out our hearts, “Jesus Messiah Name Above All Names Blessed Redeemer- Emmanuel”
68.)-Beautiful children (and they are mine) standing in the the light of our doorway, together
69.)-Time out alone with Nate and he says, “No one would know it by looking at me Mommy, you wouldn’t know it by looking at me- but this is a completely new experience for me. I have never been in this restaurant before.” I grin. He is all eagerness and delight.
70.)-Kind words from a sweet friend. (Thank you.)
71.)-Grocery shopping alone and the confidence in which I navigate the aisles and the food…I am proud of how far I have come in living real life with IgE food allergies. It is grace to be in this place. Item after item into the cart… and- I am not afraid.
72.)-Ten, that is TEN women at the first YMCHE parent support meeting. Thank You.

holy experience