Labor Day Weekend yawns golden and free…
and I soak, I soak up these last lazy days of relaxation together…

Two weeks of Multitude Monday swirled into one…

21.) Golden Carolina sunshine
22.)Crisp hint of autumn coolness
23.)Butterflies as large as my hand
24.)Little hummingbird sips nectar from the purple butterfly bush
25.)Biscuit dough cups palm, stretches hand to hand
26.)Little hands squashing dough and laying it down
27.)2 year old eagerness in making chocolate cake- with me
28.) Deep gospel talks with Todd
29.) Tall son seeking “book talks”
30.)Black Pearl Tea dashed with cinnamon
31.) time watching little kid movies- just with the little ones
32.) Raffi- he comforts…
33.) boys playing happy and confident with friends at the park
34.)Saturday morning with the three: 6,4, and 2
35.) Lindt 70% chocolate with natural Peanut Butter
36.) Hot fudge Sundaes
37.)4-H Hogsed Day– amazing…
39.)This blog
40.) and this one too
41.) Tenderheart and he eager comes to find me- completing his book: “And at the end of it Mom- I was in the book… I wasn’t even in my bed anymore… I was there. I was in it.” His eyes shine. He laughs joy. What more can I ask?
42.) Little girl swings high- long hair flying out, pure joy lights her face.
43.) Final Wednesday night VBS of 2010, and I see Todd in action.
44.) Todd weed-whacks our property, Joshua- he weed- whacks too- complete with “priming” his whacker.
45.) Chicken Fajitas and…”thank you…it was very good. It was exactly what I wanted…” What more can I say- tears blur- those words sing deep…

holy experience