An Irish Heritage
One of our resources for Morning Meeting this year is this book: Then Sings My Soul

It is lovely and has far exceeded my expectations.
I chose this resource- for several reasons.
1.) I want to share the great hymns of faith with my children
2.) I want to learn more of the story “behind” the hymn
3.) I am eager to learn new hymns
4.) I want to share my personal and meaningful favorites in a special way

I chose Be Thou My Vision as our first hymn. I chose this hymn for my wedding as well.
And, thanks to our video, I have the treasured memory of it wafting through the Lehigh Chapel-
sung by precious, precious Christian friends from college… right before the processional began.
This hymn spoke my heart then. It speaks my heart now. I remember- so keenly- how meaningful this hymn was to me- in that season of my life- right on the threshold of marriage. I remember myself- my heart for Jesus and life in Him… the passion that flamed so bright- now seasoned by so much more life experiences…

As I opened our book and prepared to share the devotional story about this hymn- my eyes misted hard with tears and I surely found it hard to make it through the reading and then the singing!

I loved this hymn. I love it now. I did not know the beautiful Irish story of its conception or the heritage it speaks of. This beloved hymn was set to an old Irish folk tune. It is literally- ancient Irish heritage.
This year, I have pondered Irish Heritage- as one of my brothers got married and another is on the cusp. Somehow- Irish blessings and acknowledging of that shared history is a special component. They were for the one just married- and they will be for the one yet to be. And… even my own day of grace… that heritage was there! I was touched deeply to see that this hymn which I have long loved honors this heritage in a special way.

It was a privilege and a blessing to share this with my children. To learn of the heroic Patrick and his heart for Ireland. Over the last year or so- we have learned more of Patrick and this book just served to strengthen that knowledge.

This resource is definitely a God-honoring choice and one which brings special grace to our day. I found it amazing that one of my beloved hymns was a testimony to my Irish roots.

I also challenge myself to search my heart and say again,

“Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my life, Naught be all else to me save that Thou art, Thou and Thou only- First in my heart. High King of Heaven- my treasure Thou art Riches, I heed not- nor man’s empty praise…”

Here is a blog post from another writer that captures an essence I am trying to share. The essence of why I misted hard with Spirit-grace at first glance…For further reading…