What’s On My Mind

That I am really glad to have water again- and I just wish it was clean enough to drink. Soon.
That my feet finally fit into my white sandals this morning for church. It felt good.
That I really want to start the Gratitude Journal on this blog that is led by Holy Experience.
That we have an amazing, new Borger family favorite dinner:Chicken Enchiladas and it has been a long time since I wowed my husband so well with a meal.
That I wish, wish, wish I could somehow find time to keep writing Dragons of the Heart: A Tale of Virtue for Young Men
And get my preschool literature lists in decent, printable order.
That booklists are my favorite and I can’t help myself continually researching.
That I want whole books to be the mind food of our school and family.
That I want to raise thinking children, who can engage richly with ideas and words, and defend their faith.
That I really, really want Todd to read Lord of the Rings and share in that experience with me.
That it really makes a difference in my school day when I stay up at 6:30 a.m. rather than sleeping longer.
That I am looking forward to a full and productive week of school. Our choices are good and we are happy.
That I want to treasure each day with my children- even though sometimes they send me “over the edge” because the days are fleeting
And we only have this moment.
That everyday- they know I love, I live for God in my family relationships, and I live for God by doing my duty joyfully.
That we have ridden the rocky rapids of June, July, and August (even some of May) and I am hoping for a cozy and productive Autumn.
I hope.
That the seeds of change are floating on the air; the new season is nigh-
Even though it is still just as hot and humid as ever… somehow I reckon- autumn.
That Sunday dinners are the best and family game nights are fun, fun, fun.
That I have a two year old who pretends to be a puppy dog- complete with sound effects and actions.
And then he says, ”I- a puppy.”
That today, at church, someone said, he’s not a baby anymore. You don’t have a baby anymore. How long has it been since then you haven’t had a little baby in your arms? And I had to say,
“Ten years.” Ten years. Has it really been that long? This two year old gives me a run for my money and I feel like a rookie all over again
And yet- he’s my baby. Baby. I still have a baby. ‘Course I do…
That the “African Savannah” is no longer off limits- cause the Copperhead really WASN’T in the pumphouse right up our hill- but INSTEAD
Is in the pump house down the bottom of the road.
That wild, mountain living has its downfalls and I have been through more LIFE experience than I knew I needed.
That the thought of our upcoming PA trip has my stomach in knots- especially as I ponder traveling with Joshua. He does not travel well. He does not.
That EVERY DAY, every day- and some days especially, I rejoice in eggs, eggs, and eggs,
And happy am I that I can throw chicken in the crockpot and create
Meal after meal after meal. I love it and I thank God, thank God for it. Praise Him.
That a treenut fail is no big deal. Who needs walnuts anyway? Especially when you have eggs, and chicken, and peanuts, and soy, and beef, …
We’ve come a long way, baby.
That I want to create an atmosphere of grace, love, peace, and joy in our home and I want every child to know it.
That my little ones need me, and I need to stop what I am doing, and meet those needs.
That even though it is late and quiet and I want to stay awake and enjoy
This still silence-
I must sleep
To this week
Finding Him
The still small moments.