Little One: The Things They Say

“Mommy…Jesus comin’ t’day?”

He asks me seriously. Blue eyes bright.

I gulp inside. Where did this one come from?

I bend down, get face-to-face.

“Joshua, Jesus says no one knows the hour or the day

but the Father. We must be ready. Are you ready?” I ask

him- all of two, blond tousled blue-eyed.

“Ch-yes” he says in his imitable way.

“The Bible says you must believe in your heart Jesus is Lord

And confess with your mouth that God raised Him from the dead.

Do you?”

He answers “Ch-yes” in his own sweet way. I don’t take

it to heart… but I also don’t neglect…

I answer little person seriously.

And later- I answer again. And I will

answer again.

 I get down, I look into eyes one-on-one. I hold sweet cheeks

in tender hands. I give the truth. As best I can.

 And later- once more- random and out of the blue,

“Mommy, Jesus comin’ t’day?”

 The things they say.