Sweet Sunday

posting a day late.

Frantic Friday with playdate and cleaning and errands and groceries

climaxed in happy site of Foley grandparents’ car gingerly

creeping down mountain driveway.

All joy burst out in every corner and loud young

voices shout to be heard

and packages, parcels, boxes and bags filled spaces

everywhere. Built up-like the joy

and overflowing.

Taco Salad times 2 and fishsticks

and french fries and pizza and popcorn

and london broil and birthday cake

and blueberry cake and salad and potatoes

and who can forget the famed pancakes, bacon,

and eggs? Coffee and Tea. Tea hot and tea cold.

Hot walk on Greenway and Fun at the Factory.

Long talks and Late nights

and dinner just for two.

Twisty crawl up tall mountain

complete with “hitch”-hiker, little unmannerly

dog, and misty mountain views.

Impulsive hike down root-steeped trail

and Little Boy- he tries so hard, he tries

and falls, he tries and fails. It won’t be long…

It won’t be long Little Boy- til you too-

will run with the Tall ones and the Big ones,

and the Fleet ones.

We light candles and sing birthday songs.

Share stories and see pictures.

We “boomwhack” to the best…the sad best

of our ability. Enough to add laughs

and fun memories of Little Girl with

hair flying out in the wind as she

jumped and whacked “boom” on that stick

and Strong 7 hit left, right, left- no right, no left

never did get that whack down.

And mom and dad sang and Grandad-

he conducted. We tried and we laughed.

We boom-whacked-

We say goodbye in the dark.

Rain Day greets Exit of Foleys

in dark and somehow it feels

a little like a blur

a dark blur at the end of

a weekend crammed full.

Wind rushes down and rain washes clean

and tears fall down, too.

But all is well- comfort’s felt.

It won’t be long, it won’t be long

til us Borgers- in our heavy-laden

caravan of overstuffed venture and

trailer behind  pull tired

but joyful

full to overflowing up

perfect paved road

and fall out

to enjoy

our own