I away from this space- long.

Suck deep, my breath,

come back.

Two major family celebrations crown rhythm of our days…

along with seasons shifting, settling down… tax season waxing, now complete.

Exhale hard. Sigh releasing.

Sigh releases muscles tense, tense for months… it seems.

Glory, glory golden spring. You crown my days with beauty.

Last two pink tulips standing in my hope-filled plot of land. Scattered handfuls of

sun-yellow, pale white- daffodils shining here, there. Still shining.

Yet the first glory of that spring-time wonder. It has passed.

White dogwood burst in full glory decorating mountain and azaleas flower.

Green wonder mists all over mountain. Verdant greens-

rising, rising… like a warm hug, this life,

it embraces. Embraces with color, and warmth, with life

of yellow-sun days. Drips through fingers cupped. Still cupping

all the days best I can. Some days better than others.

Tall Son turned ten- and so we go…so we go forward

double digits, the future, young manhood.

Are we ready? No. But go we must. Go.

Earth spins once more on axis and another

year turns by… 11 years of us.

Where do we go from here? No answer. But go we must. Go.

And still- I’m held in cords of

our love. Strength of our

one true embrace.

Comfort in this tangle

of strands wrapped round us

both. I know

with you

is all there is

for me.


We celebrate and

we adjust

to days of home and family. Sweet days. Relief.

And I, I

have thoughts that swirl round my mind in rainbow colors twirling.

And I, I


to capture them… to ponder hard the deeps

in hopes of grace for future days.

I purpose to give…

I give my days to craft a family, a heritage,

to serve

these ones within these walls.

I give my all. With all I can.

But first…

I fall

face down.

2 Chronicles 20

18Then Jehoshaphat(AB) bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down before the LORD, worshiping the LORD.