The Things They Say: a one year old
Little One- he’s almost two. Precocious. Sweet. Full-Speed Ahead.
He has wholeheartedly entered into full awareness of reading aloud books.
“Read ‘t’ me”
“Read books ‘t’ me”
Then we snuggle together- his stillness is palpable. His mind is working.
He is studying each page.  Attentive to all details. Attentive to words.
He is quoting the pages already.
“Boats!” he cries. And we snuggle tight to read a favorite.
“Count… ” he commands.
Little chubby fingers points to cars lined up on a freight loader boat.
“One… Six… Two!” he finishes dramatically.
Later… he says, “One… Six…. Eight…. Two… Seven!”
Not bad for a one year old. 🙂
The things they say.