Warning- this contains a “spoiler” about the book The Hobbit.

This piece is original writing by our son at age 9. Written shortly before we completed reading  The Hobbit together. A delicious adventure.

For  Thorin Oakenshield, a poem for his grave
Here a warrior sleeps in peace,
no more angered by petty goblins nor suspend in spider’s silk.
In battle, he fell,
fighting for his kingdom.
Not in vain did he seek, but, for him,
The happy hunting grounds.
For his kingdom and gold he sought,
but now,
he lives with the dead.
In the hall of glory until the world is renewed.
So we must not weep
though Thorin Oakenshield is dead,
his memory we’ll keep.
For we know that he did not die in vain,
but, sought for the kingdom
stolen from him by the dragon
who was slain,
but, when the goblin lines advanced,
he struck out and fought.
But though surviving the battle,
he died of many wounds.
But though some tears were shed,
we must not grieve,
for he will always live in our memories.
But, for now,
Farewell Thorin Oakenshield,
for though you live in our memories
we shall not see thee,
until the renewing of the earth.
The End.