A Happy Friday

Recently I had my two littlest boys all to myself on a Friday morning.

It was a special morning.

Providentially, they were able to watch real dump trucks and loaders at work

while I pumped gas and see other machines at work as we drove around town.

Little One called “Buppy” for every cow and/or horse that came in view.

Little Boy calling out as we pass a variety of different construction machinery.

(A school is being built not far from our house.)

We had a sweet Greenway walk- during which I had to wrap Little Boy

in my big, oversized coat and tuck him snugly back into the stroller.

It was 37 degrees and I was not prepared! Thankfully,

I was warm from walking and wearing layers.

We also got to see two brilliant cardinals, hear a woodpecker, and see- what

I think was a bluebird…right next to us.

We got home.

Little Boy zooms across the room. Stops. Bends over and holds his arms straight-directly behind him.

Vrooms- and flies around the room with arms horizontal at his sides.

I am watching all of this, enjoying a coffee at the kitchen table.

He flies to me.

“I’m an airplane.” He says.

Then seriously, golden eyebrows twitching expressively:

“This is how I transform into a man…”

He stops still. Straight. And shoots both arms straight down tight against his body. Shoulders hunched up. Body tight and straight.

“Now I’m an airplane!” He launches arms and again- flies happily through the room.