On March 2nd, we received our heaviest, most delicious snow of the year.

I haven’t taken the time to blog that special memory til now…

and sadly- some of it has faded.

The day before this 5-6 inch snowfall, I spotted the first bloom of our Spring.

Next day, that golden bloom was bright against

the white beauty of fresh snowfall.

I slid out when the snow first began to

capture that golden life against white…

in picture.

Then scurried back in to begin bundling children,

finding lost mittens, straightening hats,

and tying shoes…all the details of

“loading up” for a Snow Day.

Knowing that this was sure to be our last snow of this winter- I tried to make the most of it.

It was perfect snow. Delightful for snowmen making, not too cold for long outdoor playing, perfect for tramping in…just right for thoroughly enjoying.

My only regret is that I was unable to get out there myself and show Tall Son how to roll snowballs into large, sturdy snowmen. I gave an impromptu instruction with a little snowball on our porch- but it would have been so much better if I was out there too-rolling that snow til the green grass showed through- the way my Dad taught me.

We tried sledding this year too. We happily grasped at this one last snow to try to make a success of it all. We did not have success- at all. It was just too heavy and wet. A sled would have helped! …

 We will be ready for next year… at Walmart soon as those sleds appear!

Anyway, this perfect day:

I set the table for tea. I brewed a special batch of homemade hot cocoa.

I made these (more lovely books listed here, too) special popcorn “snowballs.” They were delicious and such a fun treat.

The children bustled in, rosy cheeked, snow-clumped, and wet.

We washed and dried and gathered round the table.

My favorite CD for winter- starting early November

through February is George Winston’s


 However, for the second time, it has disappeared and not been found…


it being March…

we found his Winter into Spring album to be the perfect

compliment to our special lunch time treat. More perfect, even, than December would have been.

It is March after all. It is Winter into Spring.

I even let Little Boy partake of the popcorn- ’cause he’s four now, after all.

Everyone loved warm cocoa and sweet “snowballs.”

Tall Son’s blue eyes shone happily. “This is what I love the most… times like this.”  He shared.

Then we all smooshed on the couch together. Everyone has their “spots”‘, you know.

And I cup the days… I cup the days of us all smooshed together… two on the arm, two on the lap, one behind, and one tucked in next to me. A perfect smoosh… and someone has his hand in my hair and someone’s head is tucked under my chin… and someone’s leg is crunched just right… and I hold the pictures at all different angles- so everyone can “see.”

And read:

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

and Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. (Just the text for little one’s sake- although the sidebars are full of interesting information!)

Later, I find The Snowy Day, propped just so- on the bookshelf, cover facing out, placed there by someone little- still treasuring the day, cover prompting sweet memory every time we look upon it.

There was so much joy in the day- knowing that Spring was upon us… sunshine brightening warmer and lighter everyday. Dark winter- truly over. Spring comes so joyfully to the mountains here in March- and it still takes me by surprise-

like Mallards on the pond in January,

the sudden soon spring- my rhythms still primed to Pennsylvania seasons…

Happily- I shake off winter and put on spring-

and today- a mere two weeks later- my children play amidst budding spring bulbs, green grass, and blue sky-

without coats, in sunshine.