St. Patrick’s Day
I scrambled hard today. I scrambled hard to flood some life and meaning
in our day. I gathered links, found biography, tried to grasp at crafts…
filled Amazon cart with books for future placement in our basket.
Shared a memory or two.
Made symbolic cupcakes.
Received an Irish text from brother-
closed eyes- nodded head
as refrains from past sing-a-longs
filled mind-
gasped inwardly- as full impact
of word’s meaning honed home
first time…
text messages-
lyrics in black and white
they can do that
for you.
Don’t think I ever sang
any part
other than
the refrain anyway…
Irish “pub” song- it is-
and yet how we all just sang
hearts out
and souls together.
Warm memories-
and brother’s love
sent ‘cross the miles.
To me.
Decided- this shall be a “feast” day for us in the future.
Perhaps we’ll have an Irish tea-
an authentic dinner…
we’ll feast on books for sure.
In the last few years thru homeschooling- I have so enjoyed
learning more about St. Patrick.
What a godly man he truly was!
No time to list resources or site links this night…
but I did want to share-
one fun  thing we did do:
We iced our cupcakes white.
We sprinkled green.
Then gelled a golden (yellow) cross in center.
Green for the Emerald Isle.
Yellow for the cross he took up to follow Christ and for the gospel he brought to that
White for St. Patrick’s devoted heart for Christ.
We read the chapter in Trial and Triumph about him.
We read his “breastplate” prayer on line.
My little girl, cut and decorated haphazard shamrocks.
Ah well.
Looking forward to next year’s feast day!