Today, I had the blessing of a Greenway walk… all to myself. In brilliant, North Carolina sunshine. I walked hard, I walked slow, I even ran. And-

I turned my face up. I turned my face into the sun. Yellow sun, it warmed my face and I smiled…

Words came:

“I’ll wear the sun

On my legs that run

Sun on the run in the morning.”

Those words rising, etched within from many, many days on the couch and floor- curled up with little ones enjoying Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by Nancy White Carlstrom

I smiled again. Jesse Bear, rising…

Unconsciously, subconsciously, they rose- adding their own sweet color to my morning walk. And I thought- I have to tell the children… share this memory- and they all- sans Little One (who has yet to experience Jesse Bear) will understand. They will know.

It has been a great delight to build a family culture through the literature we read and enjoy as a family. I remember the first time my heart caught in my throat with the joy of it all. We were out on a family walk in Pennsylvania… our boys were so very little… Little Boy was just a thought in the heart of God.  Wee Tenderheart looked up and wondered at the beautiful “sun colors” that were flooding the sky. “Sun colors”- his very own word creation.   I wish I could remember exactly what was said. I wasn’t blogging then- or even writing precious thoughts down all that much- and try as I might, try I search- back deep, deep in my memories… all I remember is “sun colors” and a little Nate gripping the side of the stroller and his wonder in God’s world.

There were other times- when I saw them interpreting their new and enlarging world through the lens of the beautiful books we were reading each day. A very young Tall Son called every weather vane he saw a “golden flying horse” because we read about them in Big, Red Barn all the time.  We all knew what we meant. We shared the joy together.  We still do.

Our Jesse Bear book is falling apart. I am looking to replace it for our newest treasure who will, Lord willing, have his little days, shaped by the beautiful thoughts we have all enjoyed over these many years.

I so enjoyed the “Sun on the run” this morning.

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