Part 1

Heading across metal bridge during Greenway walk:

“Mom, why does it say, “Slow and Steady wins the race” ? I ran slow and steady and I lost.”

Mom thinks… how to explain the impulsive energy of the hair, the steady perseverance of the turtle… the dynamics of pacing yourself in a race… ??… looks to Dad for help.

Dad explains the short distance that he ran “slow and steady” versus if he ran slow and steady for the length of the whole Greenway.

This seems to satisfy him.

The things they say.

Part 2

I tell the children we are going to make “Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies.” I show them the recipe on the Quaker Oats container. We gather round. I set up two bowls. One for each group of children. Micah, Asher, and Jonah work together. Abi and Nate work together. Baby licks the “poon.” (With a hearty and endearing Mmmmm, I might add.) 

All goes well. Large mounds of dough are carefully placed on each tray. Children are promised cookies after they are dressed for bed, on Friday, Todd’s late night.

Asher sits down to table. Takes a large bite out of a soft, warm cookie.

He says, “Mmmmmm, Mom, they’re so good! (Mouth full of cookie) No wonder they’re called Vanishing Oatmeal cookies.”

He is my literal, logical child. We laughed.

Asher. The things they say.