Back at church-all together after weeks away due to illness.

Blue-eyed boy presses cheek close against mine as I close my eyes as sing

(with all my heart),

“Where you lead me, I will follow- Where you lead me I will go…”

Sun peeking out once again, weather warming… mid 50’s- these are the

North Carolina

days I know.

Prepare as much dinner as possible- to be ready for possible Greenway walk.

On the Greenway again-

all together,

Borger races, little boy crashes, baby calling “Lady!” to every dog that strolls by,

air sweet…

hand in hand together with two brown-eyed boys listening to detail after detail of space battles and adventures and saga.

Greenway- finally- after months of being away. So sweet to walk and notice everything… rapids in the

 Little Tennessee

and Nate, with his imagination, describes braving the rapids to get his crew to Jamestown. (???)

Water handed round to all back at the car.

Tousled, flushed, and happy.

Days are growing longer.

We have weekends again.

Sunday Feasting:



Green Salad

Mashed Potatoes

Steamed Green Beans


Triple Layer Banana Fudge Cake! (Sweet Sunday)