Strong 6 turned 7 one late November day.

Sweet 5 grew in confidence and courage.

Mountain drive bike riding has begun again.

Trike and big wheel have been traded for “Rocket”(child’s bike-no training wheels; flame red) and “Bikey”(purple and white little girl bike;training wheels).

Mountain rides have begun again. Begun in perfect order. No intense racing now. Polite taking of turns as bikes swish down the rocky gravel drive.

Sometimes, even making way, for Little Boy as he braves the gravel on his trike.

7  has learned to balance and maneuver. Sweet 5 feels more confident and brave.

Helmets on, handlebars gripped tight.

He, hopeful to continue on Rocket. (He has lost the privilege a few times due to reckless driving…)

She, testing out those brakes. Still- she’s fast.

She is riding again.