Embracing the Day; Embracing the Life

Lyrical words waft through the house. Strains from Sons and Daughters flood the atmosphere-


                    mind refreshing,

                                    thought- renewing

“Mercy’s robe, a ring of grace, such favor undeserved…”

I stand- caught in that moment. Caught; Held in a supernatural moment of Grace.

His Reality.


I breathe.


Open eyes

of my heart.

We have been on this path, homeschooling our children, for at least 5 years now… and each year-

it becomes more real. Real that we have left old things behind and embraced a new and different way. And I have found cupfuls, nay- oceans of His Grace- but I have to stop and listen, pray, and watch to be there to receive it.  I am learning to embrace the imperfection each day brings to me and I am learning to find Him in it.

Each day brings cherished little ones to seek and bigger ones to guide…and each day with its imperfection- shows me more my need of Him. Stepping down this path, at times, feels unfamiliar and uncertain. Other times, we find ourselves in moments of pure joy.

I have found  peace in an embracing of this life. And in an embracing of each very own day with its very own challenges, stresses, and strifes.  

Heart stretched out, with steps of faith, held up by Grace… Embrace the Day!

2 thoughts on “Embracing the Day; Embracing the Life

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