This past week I read several things in the blogosphere and in real life that have been twirling around my mind. This post is an effort to make sense of it and gather it together- and maybe benefit someone else too!!

At Holy Experience I read this- and felt myself nodding in agreement and sighing too-

I also decided to make her list in The Library under Family my reading list for this year. So many great titles that I have looked at and pondered over before… Seeing that list made me feel like she could be a friend… 😉

On the subject of reading lists… I love to read. I love to study. I love to think deep and meaningful thoughts that then inspire me to live a more excellent life. However, with the addition of all of our children, homeschooling, multi-tasking- I find it hard to find the time I want to read and I had been starting to feel guilty about my desire in this area. I also love books. I love books. We already have a somewhat extensive home library. I was beginning to feel guilty about this, too. I can’t keep my oldest son in books. He is a vacuum. 🙂 It can get very expensive! My second son- is not the same advanced reader as my first- and it is a challenge to find the literature that will engage him and not overwhelm him. He is also extremely visual. So- what has met the needs of my first born- doesn’t meet his needs. He needs a different “diet” of nourishing reading. Anyway- I was beginning to feel worried about this passion of mine… but then this week I happened upon some things that have encouraged me in this direction- that I just seem to take “naturally”…

I followed a link from Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me and found myself here. Copperswife writes an excellent article about developing a Heritage Library! O how encouraged I was! This is a long article that I will return to several times if not again and again. Copperswife also wrote this– an article on why it is important for the Christian woman to commit to and keep up with a varied reading diet. Well- that seemed to answer some of my concerns. The sweet blogger at Passionate Homemaking keeps a committed list of reading too and crosses them off as she completes each one.  I found her list quite inspiring as well. I had been doing some reading at last week and in her articles on organization she has the Ten Habits of A Happy Homeschool. One of her habits was to keep four books going at all times…

Finally- I just received Sarah Clarkson’s  book  Read for the Heart in the mail. Joy of Joys! What a delight of a book. This book (which I have just begun) has only reaffirmed desires deep within my heart for our family. It has also given me a vision of what intentional reading and parenting can produce in a child. The long-term vision of what my choices and efforts can impart… that has been a motivating vision indeed.

So- there are some of the thoughts swishing through my mind.