I wanted to share a few thoughts regarding the varied links on my sidebar.

First- Under Blogs I Frequent:

My husband introduced me to a wonderful feature called Google Reader.  My blog list is, in fact, much larger than the one on my sidebar. I contemplated adding to that list- but wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort. Every link on this blog sidebar is exceptionally edifying and encouraging for the Christian woman. There are several more I regularly visit that are as well-

For now- I will just share some of the names of the other blogs I visit- in the hopes someone might be edified/encouraged.

Holy Experience- Ann Voskamp

Coffee, Tea, Books and Me

Building Cathedrals (Catholic Blog- but open to life/large family)

Joyfully Home- Jasmine Baucham

Passionate Homemaking

Truth in Love- Voddie Baucham

Shepherd Press Blog

History of the (Whole) World- Susan Wise Bauer (this one makes me laugh- she is just funny!)

I didn’t take the time to link these.

Secondly, I am contemplating doing book reviews for the Books By My Bedside.

I would like to begin with a rousing happy shout out for the ESV Study Bible. I have been pleased beyond words with this choice. The study notes are wonderful. The index is great. The appendix is meaty and rich. It contains topics that I have always wondered about.

Both Todd and I have this – and we both love it. For us, neither having a Christian heritage or background, it fills in so many holes. It helps us lead our children and answer their questions. I found myself underlining a Scripture and then underlining a study note! That was a first for me- as I am always very cautious and skeptical with others’ notes- especially in Bibles, etc. I want the Holy Spirit to speak to me and not have man’s thoughts get in the way. I have found these notes so gentle, edifying, and educational! They are in sync with my Spirit-filled experience/doctrine and yet my need for very solid teaching. Todd and I are looking forward to presenting these to our children when they reach their teen years. Not since my NIV Study Bible that I wore to pieces and have had since I was 16 have I loved a Bible so much!!  It is a wonderful blessing.

So- there you go. My first review. 🙂

Maybe more to follow…