Son 9… heading toward 10. Heading there fast. Tall son. Hungry son!

Have those years begun? The hungry years we hear so much about? Boys and their appetites people say and nod their heads sagely, gape in wonder- recollecting that he ate that much!!!! when he was —- fill in the blank.

Tall son wanders the kitchen. Searches the cupboard. Mutters… “I put something on the cupboard door– a note.” I listen- busy with little ones. Move on to the next thing.

Later, I find myself in the kitchen. Note right at my eye level.  I laugh.

If I had the photo function on my computer working- I would upload a picture. Classic. Priceless. Spelling errors and all. (And yes- we are working on spelling-…every… day. Much improved- by the way!) The note was written in green.

Shortage of  Food!

Be very Carful!

I would like to declare here and now that this is just the beginning of boys, food, and the teen years. I texted this delight to my husband. This was his response: “Take all the money from diapers and move it into groceries.” I laughed. The man makes me laugh. He has made me laugh from our very first encounter. You remember, don’t you honey, when you were trying to help me with the boxes in the back of Friday’s– and were precariously climbing the ladder- warning of bodily injury at any minute: boxes, body, ladder, and all…

That diaper remark is very appropriate:- for those who do not know- when our third son was born- we had three in diapers. That is our record. Three in diapers. Right now- we are at  just one…just one little bean (a boy, by the way) in diapers.

Over here- I am getting ready. Learning to prepare large quantities of hearty, nourishing meals…

Pre-teen years: here we come!