Yesterday was a Family Day! The hills(mountains) are aflame with autumn color.  Here in our town, it was the annual Pumpkin Fest. The children love to watch the “punkin roll.”  People roll pumpkins down the biggest hill in our town. The longest roll wins! Our family delights in the many, varied pumpkins that roll down that hill and in the quick jumping that sometimes ensues when a wily one rolls off course and underfoot!

We also visited Todd’s office space. It was my first time inside his place in Federal Group. I enjoyed, very much, meeting coworkers- and noting the beautiful Scripture paintings on the walls. There was a Biltmore House painting. Beautiful!

We planned our visit to the pumpkin roll- followed by lunch at Wayah Bald Tower. We snaked through the windy mountain- til we turned off on the dirt, single lane road.  We crept up this road slowly, making way for cars on the way down.  Finally we arrived. The temperature dropped ten degrees from our time in the center of town til we made it up the mountain!

Out we tumbled, thankful for Todd’s oversight in gathering jackets for everyone. I had planned this visit- realizing that this weekend was peak color in the mountains. Glorious, it truly was. Everywhere you looked- on the drive up and once there- were cascades of lovely, autumn color. Also, thanks to the plentiful rain we have had in the last two months- little waterfalls were tumbling here and there- along with a lovely river whose level was much higher than last year. It was so beautiful. I told Todd- it was like being inside a postcard. It really was.

It is hard to take pictures that do justice to the view from Wayah Bald. You are literally almost up in the clouds.  Chunks of clouds swirl around tops of mountains like gauzy scarves- while farther up- white streaks blue. 

We ended up eating our lunch in the car, after our visit. It was much warmer! And, Wayah Bald had many visitors enjoying the autumn sunshine. 

After our return home-

we cut hair. Todd cut the boys. I cut Todd’s. Even little Joshua received his first hair cut. So now he has a little man-cut. It is always so hard to let those baby curls go.  Later- as I was working in the kitchen- it seemed that every time I turned around- I saw someone with a buzz cut! 5 boys and a man with the same hair cut… but then my son pointed to my little girl. Of course- her hair wasn’t buzzed!  Abi and I make a date of our hair cuts and have girl time!

We ended our day with home-made pizza (no cheese!) and kettle popcorn with a family movie- cozied up in the family room.

We made a family memory and truly got to appreciate the fall beauty that is on display- everywhere.