This fall has been a season of planting.  It has been a season of bulbs (and grass seed, and ground cover, and mulch, but mainly…bulbs).

A planting of hope for a springtime of blossoms and life. 

Inspired by the natural beauty all around us and the ruggedness of our land- I gloried in choosing bulbs for our property. I tucked some here, I tucked some there. Some were planted austerely in neat little rows- thanks to my logical, orderly husband’s carefully laid plans. 

But I, I climbed up the mountain- I perched on the ledge.

In the process, I accidentally dug up a baby box turtle the size of a half dollar.  This- a special blessing from the Father- as I found him, with my son Nate- who adores nature, on a day when my heart was hurting. 

Visions of glory floated in my head. Visions of tulips, and crocus, and daffodils bringing that sweetness of springtime new life.

All in all- I think I planted (with help from little ones and husband) over 100 bulbs.

I planted memories too.

Memories of Nate- eager to care for a wee baby turtle. Memories of Jonah carefully placing each bulb, pointy side up in the hole. Memories of Abi- in her very own garden gloves, mulching the plots with me.  Memories of Todd- working side by side with me, laying out alternate rows of tulips and daffodils.  Cheerfully serving- as he always does. Cheerfully helping my grand idea flesh out in the reality of our life.

When we first moved here to Western North Carolina- I was so blessed and inspired that very first spring.  All around our rental house- little daffodils sprung up- like wildflowers.

It was such a sweet grace.

I wanted that grace here, in our very own space.

So- I planted. Todd was overwhelmed. Seeing me perching on mountain ledge and up on the bank, finding little plantings here and there… I boggled his mind. This is not unusual. I told him- I felt like Miss Rumphius. “I feel like Miss Rumphius’ husband!” he said- “that is scary because she is a Miss!”

I laughed. But inspired I was- by that dear story of the Lupine Lady strewing her seeds hither and yon- making the world a more beautiful place for all.

I want to enhance the beauty of our rugged mountain land. I want to be greeted by beauty and life in the Spring. I want hope dressed in yellows and gold, white, purples, and pinks, apricots and creams- abounding, abounding in our place.

There is something mysterious and satifsfying and “real” about planting a strange looking bulb into dead looking ground and believing that this very minute roots are forming. Growth is occurring. Life is beginning to move and grow.

I planted hope for our  spring and beauty for our  land and memories of our love on our land.

For more information about Miss Rumphius see: Miss Rumphius  story and pictures by Barbara Cooney. ISBN 0-14-050539-3. This post is just one hint of the many, many ways books have enriched and brought fullness to our lives. ~Rebecca