Moving to a new area, new culture, new climate… new! — has sometimes just completely flummoxed me.  Startled me. Frightened me. Disoriented me. Worried thoughts poured down all around me.

It didn’t help- that I just completely, sort of- tanked spiritually here for awhile. 

The thoughts rage:  No accountability… where would the appropriate standard for our family be?… no fellowship- those secret sins- how would I evade them?… how would I hold to the path, fulfill the call, walk the walk…???

All the scriptures about companions of fools, walking with the wise, conforming to the world, the flesh, …. tormenting me.

“You are stronger than you think you are…” the words echoed audibly in my head. Startling me… surprising me… encouraging me.”Stronger than you think you are….”  The Voice speaking them: surprisingly clear, familiar.  Will I, in my fear, reject those words?

It is my fear-

in my weakness- I will just mold, form, become… be less…

That I am not strong- I am weak.  That I will not lead- I will follow.

I am weak. I am small. In Christ, I am held.  In Him- I am stronger than I think I am.

Maybe I will rest in that.