Reflecting on…

giving my heart to my children. This happens in a myriad of ways throughout the day.

It is a choice I can make… or- sadly- not make.

It is…


(and pushing out all the many thoughts that are crowding my mind and my day so that I can be focused and all there in heart and in mind for this little child)


sit with my two year old and sing Bible songs and read stories.

It is


dressing those who are too small and awkward to dress themselves.

It is



to complete all given school work.

It is


to one more


childish tale

knowing that those childish tales


one day give way

to sweet fellowship- and I don’t want to shut that door. Ever.

It is


that one child who needs drawing… closer.

So let’s make tortillas together, or cookies, or biscuits, or bread.

It is


to correct many children,

to impart God’s truth,

to comfort in

sibling squabbles, disobedience, and immaturity.

It is


selfishness, fatigue, and irritation

and putting on

the fruit of the Spirit in all my daily interactions.

It is


with my heart lifted up to my Lord so that I can pour His Love down to those around me who are so very much in need of

His love, His grace, and His Truth. Always.

Choosing. Listening. Watching. Walking. Working together. Gently waiting. Overcoming.